Further Introduction to Peggy Shippen

peggy shippen

Don’t forget to check out The Adventures of Brigadier General John Stark if you like history and such, especially as delivered by statues. Peggy’s great-great-great-great-etc.-yeah-whatever-grandmother’s mentioned quite a bit. Nathaniel Hawthorne, not so much.

typo fixed. thanks, nighthawk.

Yes, some of us do this for fun.

If any of you are still in touch with your high school English teachers (or mine) it might be worthwhile to pass on a link to Websnark.com: The Podcast and the Examiner: on the nature of Webcomics Criticism.

I say that because, in English class through high school and even through college, I often heard people ask when they would possibly ever use the literary criticism skills they were stubbornly digesting at the time.

Well, if your interests lie in creation of things – art, fiction, comics, pretty much anything – you might find that literary skills come in handy sometime much later, when you’re participating in the creative community.

And no, I don’t expect my English teachers (or anyone else) to understand all of this comic criticism, this is more to say, “Look! I’m still using the skills you taught me! Thank you!”