And today, a nude!

daisy on the beach

Well, technically, the dogs are pretty much always nude in the summer. In the winter, Daisy and Nugget each have coats, teeshirts, sweaters… they’re small dogs, and small dogs need small clothes.



it occurred to me about two hours ago that there’s no way I’m making tonight’s deadline, so in the tradition of great sequential artists everywhere, I offer cheesecake instead.

The classic definition of cheesecake involves pin-up girls, but I’m right out. What I do have is pictures of the best looking man I know, and the inspiration for Cole, Lila’s husband, who’s actually going to appear in an upcoming strip after a long hiatus. So today, the cheesecake is for the ladies.

So that I can get a bit of a head start on the buffer again, we’ll see more cheesecake shortly…. but probably not of Cole.

Update: Jzimbert informs me (rather awkwardly, I might add) that the technical term for male cheesecake is beefcake. But that sounds too much like meatloaf to me, so I’m sticking with “male cheesecake” for now.