4 thoughts on “More physical than mental, actually

  1. You’re physically in a big, empty, blue room? Sister, that can’t be good for you. Maybe you should spend more time in the kitchen.

    Edit: Wait, I didn’t mean that to sound sexist. How about the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese?

  2. One is the loneliest number but you can never be just 1 because you are made up of every person who has ever been near you and they are all made up of parts from you. Mr Doyle through Mr Holmes teaches that we see everything but most of us observe very little if you look around don’t try to see but observe that there are all kinds of people who love you and are willing to fill your room with laughter and love. You’ll never be alone if you remember those whose parts are now part of the dust of the cosmos. Look over your shoulder they are there!!!

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