Baking day

Starting tomorrow, Nighthawk’s on the low-iodine diet for the next two weeks in preparation for a test scan to make sure the thyroid cancer is still gone, which means I took today off to bake. I went almost as crazy as last time although this time it looks like it’s going to be 2 dozen muffins or so, two loaves of white bread, and some home-made tortilla chips. Plus whatever else I kick out in the next few hours. But it’s already 4:30ish and I don’t know how much more I can get done.

Really, we’re quite well-off food-wise this time, and it’s been an easier process than I anticipated considering that I’m doing it all myself by myself. The kitchen doesn’t look too much like a bomb went off and the food’s all edible so far.

Still, I understand now why my grandmothers and their mothers all up the line had to take a full day to bake. This is just enough food for two people. Bread enough for a starving troupe of 3 or 4 kids plus a hungry husband would be insane. Especially without the stand mixer and the silicone bakeware.