I am tired beyond words.

I washed my bluetooth earbud thingie* for the iphone this weekend, so if you’re expecting a call from me it might be a while… the iphone’s speaker phone often leaves something to be desired… like sound quality.

Got a photo of a great sign today for y’all but too tired to post it… it’ll probably be Saturday’s comic, since I’m still fighting with the elevator scene.

Must sleep now before my legs fall off.

*note: not a good plan. do not repeat.

3 thoughts on “Snzzzz

  1. ok, how did you wash the bluetooth? I just use a tissue and a dab of rubbing alcohol

  2. You put it in the pocket of your jeans.
    You put the jeans in the washer.
    You run the wash.
    You collect it from the bottom of the washer.
    You call Apple and say, “hey, I just washed this thing,” and they say, “oooh, that’s bad.”

    You sigh, and consider how long to let it “dry” before you consider it officially dead and you go buy a new one.

    All in all, I think I like your washing method better, greymutt :)

  3. ahhh I get it now…figured you knew better. The whole “washing it in the sink with the dishes” would be something my mom would do.

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