Babble thread

This is a really freakin’ long day for me and I’m tired and annoyed. Please stop by and say hi – it’ll cheer me up.

12 thoughts on “Babble thread

  1. Hi! To cheer you up, here’s a link to a story about a two headed turtle in Norristown! Actually, two links. One to the story by Don Polec (which lacks pictures but I like Don Polec) and the other to MSNBC with a picture.

  2. arggggg writers block is not cool.
    especially when you have to have a conference with your prof. tomorrow morning about the paper…and you’ve only written 1 paragraph…

  3. Blah, Monday’s suck!!! But at least it’s over and we have a weekend to look forward to…and isn’t there another baseball game coming up that I think you’ll be watching hmmmm?

    There! If that doesn’t cheer you, a piece of Godiva and a shot of Southern Comfort should do it–or at least make you not know what day it is, which will accomplish the same task! ‘night

  4. Godiva and SoCo? Nah, I’m more the Reece’s and Rum&Coke type.

    Speaking of which does anyone have any suggestions for good sweet red wines? I want to lower my cholesterol one glass at a time :)

  5. I had a good friend named Jeremiah. He was a bullfrog, and I drank his wine, just to help him out. But when he spoke, I couldn’t understand even one word. So I don’t know what the wine was called. Sorry. It’s too bad, because that wine sure was mighty fine.

  6. i just wanted to let everyone know that the sprint’s slogan,

    “Sprint Together With Nextel”

    is a lie. Trying to switch from one to other is a major pain in the ass.

  7. Well, actually you don’t. But no one I talked to last night could help me. Today I went through 3 people before I got to the right person. It was actually pretty easy and painless. She asked for the serion #s on my phones and setup my sprint plan. much easier than the nimrod last night who told I had to go to the store and there was no other way to do it. idiots.

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