Banter Latte: A fiction feed for you!

Today, on Websnark, Eric Burns formally announced his fiction site, which means now I can tell you about it :)

Banter Latte is, (as Eric describes in the link above) a site where he can post his fiction — both old stuff and new — in varying genres and styles. He’s got a heavy bend for sci-fi and superhero stories, with a good smattering of fantasy/mythology as well. It does help to be somewhat familiar with Gossamer Commons to understand what’s going on in the post out of the Gossamer universe, but I think you’ll enjoy it either way.

As for me, I’ve found them all enjoyable so far, and that’s coming from someone who finds most superhero fiction/comics to be meh. I also take most of them at face-value — were I to sit down and analyze them English-major style I’d probably see more of the scratches and dents, but hey, that’s not what I feel like doing.

One warning: they are full stories. That means they’re long. These are not posts you can skim through between tasks at work, nor are they items you can read during the commercials in between innings. You’ll want to set some time aside. Enjoy!