No one belongs here more than you.

Now here’s an interesting website design, by the author of No one belongs here more than you, who is obviously trying to sell her book. A camera, a dry erase marker, major appliances, and the ability to make image maps, and bam, she’s got a website. Intriguing.

Of course, if I did it I’d have to use the splashboard behind my sink, and with my luck it wouldn’t erase. I’ll stick to Dreamweaver for now, thanks.

3 thoughts on “No one belongs here more than you.

  1. It certainly made me think more about buying the book than the usual design of a website. I didn’t buy it, mind, but that’s because I have a book backlog here already.

  2. I was totally going to buy the book, but I realized I’d never be able to read it. I don’t own anything yellow or pink.

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