Pun warning.

The chest freezer currently holds:

  • One 14 lb frozen kosher turkey
  • One frozen whole chicken
  • Two frozen ducks

I officially dub this “The Winter of Our Discount Hen”.

writing writing writing….

Having been awakened on less than six hours’ sleep by overzealous recruiters, our intrepid hero discovered that while she was visiting the necessary one of the dogs had thrown a vomit festival all over the bedroom floor. She tackled that issue with gusto (“gusto” being a foreign word that meant “total disgust and much grumbling at said dogs), suited everyone up for a trip to the surprisingly mild outdoors, dodged UPS Man / dog interactions, greeted the neighbors, and cleaned up all the poops.

Now it was time to battle with her nemesis: the way-behind NaNoWriMo Draft.

Or maybe a shower and a coke and some form of chocolate. Yeah, maybe that first.