It’s time for more weird stuff from the internet

First, do not start playing Fallen London on Echo Bazaar. It’s a deliciously dark choose-your-own-adventure-style text adventure set in a steampunky Neverwhere-like underground London (which is quite a different thing than the London Underground).

You don’t want to play, because it’s weird and warped and fun and addictive and you only get 70 turns a day. You most certainly don’t want to look for me (@kirabug), because then you’d also be following me on Twitter and I post weird stuff and complain all day.

I’ll see you there.

Second, some neat links:

Third, here are some weird videos.

100 Greatest Movie Insults of all time WARNING: NSFW

cows & cows & cows

Movie time!

One of the side-effects of doing most of my web surfing from mobile devices is that I don’t spend a lot of time watching videos. On the other hand, when I do, and I want to share them, it’s a real pain in the ass to copy the embed code into WordPress on the phone.

Which leads us to this — a day where I post a whole pile of videos.

AT-AT Day Afternoon makes us see these gentle giants as mere puppies.

Now a bit to freak you out — here’s a giant spider crab molting. All I can think is that this thing must have one heck of a headache right before it crawls out of that shell.

Animal the Muppet has a staring contest with one of the band members from OK Go

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