Too much to write, here are some links instead.

And now: Kittens riding a Roomba.

Tough task: Designing a game about your first time

There’s design challenges, and then there’s design challenges. Designing a game about losing your virginity when the design is supposed to be autobiographical, well, ouch. But it definitely stretches the idea of a video game.

The winners? Two women, who had mere days to beat out the competition that had weeks to prepare.

High and Low in Public Sector Design

I like seeing comics being put to good use. (I’m biased. Who’d’ve guessed?) I’m also more than a little interested in effective design, whether it’s web UI or a better way to structure my garden. So anything that combines the two tends to catch my attention.

Anyway, here’s a great article on cartoon characters being used for New York recycling, and why it’s not only a cute program, but also good design.