Haven’t given up yet

I’m currently driving myself crazy on this blasted elevator comic. I promise it’ll be done by the end of March…. maybe. I think. Nighthawk would like it finished; he’s already quite tired of modeling what a DS Light looks like when being held and I only started bugging him for that tonight.

Had way way too much caffeine today in the form of homebrewed iced tea and don’t expect to be done that experiment any time soon. Also took a nap this afternoon so now it’s 1 am and I’m not at all tired and I have to work in fewer hours than I’d like.

Tomorrow (today, Monday, whatever) is cavity-filling time after work, whee! But I already have another Sims 2 comic set for Tuesday so we’re set there, and I’ve got a few other screenshots from internet idiocy that I’ve gathered. Some days it’s just too easy. I’m starting to get the urge to revisit our friends in Left, Pennsylvania, though, so drawn comics will be coming up again soon, as soon as I can get these two out of this damn elevator.