Yeah, this is normal. Why?

Panel 1: Marin and Lila both stand at the sink counter of a public bathroom washing their hands. Marin: I have to stop eating so much curry. My pee smells like raisins. Panel 2: Lila's drying her hands. Lila: Raisins. Panel 3: Lila: You know, Marin, I didn't need to know that. Panel 4: Marin: Remember what G.I. Joe said. Knowing is half the battle. Lila, looking annoyed: I don't want to know about the battle. Let's not mention this battle again. I don't want to hear about the war either.

The very precise art style I used for “The Longest Night of the Summer” was nice, but very tedious, and I was angry at how often I bailed out by using cut and paste to put her together. It also took too damned long, with the 12 strips in the Longest Night of the Summer taking almost three months for me to draw (fittingly, last summer).

From here forward, I decided to use a much sloppier, but more honest drawing method. Yes, the art quality’s gone downhill, but ultimately that means more comics for you. A comic every week or two just doesn’t cut it.