Cole Returns

Cole returns to the restaurant in tact, well, for now anyway.

There are so many things wrong with the art for this comic I can’t even list ’em. I will say that it’s not late because of panel 3, but rather because of panel 1, which I must’ve drawn eight times over 2 days and still hate. Cole looks like a toddler who just figured out he can run if he sticks his arms out at the same time. But, better a badly-drawn comic than no comic… if y’all waited for me to learn to draw before you read these, there’d be nothing to read.

Not as organized as we look

Cole and Lila eating out.

Note of explanation for the uninitiated (which is pretty much everybody): Cole has Cystic Fibrosis. Without the enzymes, he can eat all he wants but he won’t actually digest of it… and you can be sure that’s not a pleasant experience.

Maybe this one should be labeled “It was funny at the time”.