Spring is cold!

spring sketches

Yeah, so, no new comic today. Instead, a sketch I did on actual copier paper using an actual Sharpie. Very odd. I cleaned it up before posting so you could read the balloon.

Maybe I’ll get good at this drawing thing and post sketches more often.

Late, and tired. Sketchy theater it is!

more from the garden

So I’m still only 1 panel into the next GOMH, and I was running late, and my head hurts, and I have a thousand more excuses where this one came from. Result: you get a sketch of my garden, colored and photoshopped.

Tree on cheap watercolor paper, done in Sharpie

the tree in my front yard

I did something very odd recently – I tried drawing using paper and a pen. Very odd. No “undo” command. Command-z just didn’t function on paper. Anyway, it’s spring, I’m feeling spring-y, thought I’d provide some spring art while I get the next strip together.