Mmmmmmm, nuts.

For the first time in ages today, I made one of my favorite recipe toppers: toasted pecans drenched in butter and spices. It’s absolutely horrible for me. But God, it’s good. And it’s probably a bit odd to put said nuts on top of my curried chicken and peas, but once again, good food. I like. If someone ever needed to bribe me and the world was out of Coca Cola, peanut butter, and chocolate, bribe #4 that will always be accepted is hot roasted nuts.

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comic tag!

Every time I start a set of continuity strips, I think of all kinds of other things I want to post that get in the way. I wanted to “respond” to a comic that Greg Dean posted on Real Life yesterday while it was fresh (check the archive here and the surrounding comics to get a feel for the story line) and I’ve already interrupted this arc with the April Fool’s comic once, so I figured one more interruption wouldn’t kill :)

If you’re visiting from Real Life, hi! Oh, and Arthur King of Time and Space linked to me recently as well – if you’re from there, hi!

Good to see you! Stop by any time!