Safari tips disguised as a Firefox review

This Daring Fireball article has all kinds of tips for using Safari disguised as a comparison between Safari 3 and Firefox 3. (I won’t name names, but if your initials are peri-renna please take note that your milage may vary since you’re on a older version. )

For example:

I love Firefox’s auto-restoration of tabs and windows. Quit Firefox, relaunch it, and your previously-open tabs and windows are restored. Safari 3 has this feature, but makes you do it manually via the “Reopen All Windows From Last Session” command in the History menu. I’m sure most Safari users have no idea this feature even exists.

And holy heck, there’s a “Reopen Last Closed Window” choice in there too! Damn! Wish I’d known that a while ago.

Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8

I’m a bad geek. I read an article about what could be a great solution for browser compatibility issues and my first though is OMG the browser bloat.

I’m sorry — I don’t want my browser to render a webpage the way it was written ten years ago, I want people to go back and cull their code of garbage. If the page is still valuable, then there’s value in keeping it up to date. Clean out all those spoiled electrons, update their pages to match the current standards, and maybe just maybe take invalid/non-useful/non-relevant/garbage content down off the web.

Just because we can save everything doesn’t mean we should. Especially if it means Internet Explorer, which seriously needs to go on a diet as it is, now has to maintain its blubber from one generation to the next.