Random thought

Does it bother anyone else that most everyday object storage is push/pop? I want my tee shirts and favorite plates to be first in / first out so they wear evenly. Nope, stacks and stacks of stuff everywhere I look.

6 thoughts on “Random thought

  1. Pssh, speak for yourself. My shirts are hung with the most recently washed to the far left, and I only pull from the right. Clean dishes get added to the bottom of the pile. My raging OCD might… maybe… be a contributor to this. Maybe.

  2. I rotate my tee shirts, but my closet is hung in color order so rotation there gets tricky. (Well except for the black pants – they’re FIFO.) I think I can relate to your OCD. A little. Maybe ;)

  3. Try the “glump” method of storage, A glump here, a glump there, then when you find something you haven’t had for awhile its like getting it new all over again and it moves to the top of the pile for a while!!

  4. Hmmm… The GLUMP method usually resulted in me being grounded until I cleaned my room. No fair suggesting that one Dad!

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