How to make lunch vaguely dissatisfying

  1. Make the conscious decision to blow away the day’s calorie count by getting the delicious-sounding Havana pulled-pork wrap with grilled bananas, rice, and black beans (910 calories).
  2. Order sandwich. Get told there are no bananas (the main draw) and no rice. Realize pork has seen better days as well.
  3. Decide to abandon dreams of grilled banana sandwich.
  4. Discover cafeteria has your favorite soup on hand (forest mushroom – 200 calories). Get that instead.
  5. Eat delicious mushroom soup, all the while dreaming of grilled bananas.
  6. Sigh.

One thought on “How to make lunch vaguely dissatisfying

  1. Must try a “Chesapeake Wrap” found at Dukes in Palmyra, PA. Grilled chicken strips and crab dip with veggies in a grilled wrap. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it.

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