Beach again, beach again, jiggidy jig

Today has not gone quite according to plan.

We got a bit of a late start, mostly because I got a bit of a late start, which I blame on being up until gawdawful hours last night/this morning.

That late start was followed by a slight tiny 45-minute detour to Rehoboth Beach, because someone (me) missed the sign that said “Salisbury, Md This Way” and we stayed on Rt 1 too long.

We finally arrived at our hotel in Virginia Beach about 2 hours later than planned to discover that the only room in the hotel available is a 2nd floor handicap room right off the elevator, with a giant porch that has cigarette butts on it. We’d be thoroughly annoyed except a) we’re too tired to be more than slightly annoyed and b) we’ve been promised a high room off the elevators tomorrow.

It turns out there’s both a triathlon and an airshow in town, and if that wasn’t enough the hotel has a wedding filling the rest of the rooms. On Sunday, this place should clear out and we’ll have a lot more options available to us.

For now, though, I have a big patio and a view of the ocean, the weather’s beautiful, I’m here with my favorite person in the whole world, and there’s a Phillies game in a half hour. One I can watch on my iPad. Life? Life is pretty good.

(Hotel shadow on beach, but look! Ocean!)

2 thoughts on “Beach again, beach again, jiggidy jig

  1. “…I’m here with my favorite person in the whole world…”

    So where’s nighthawk staying? Ha! I kid, I kid because I love.

  2. Here I sit on New Hanover Hill, who could blame me cry my fill!!! Think I’ll go fishing. Try the coffee Shop at the Belvedere Hotel at about 34th St for a good breakfast

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