Canada: a review

My sister and I are in Toronto right now, on a layover during a trip that will take us from Philly to London. I’m pretty surer we’re just in one of the two terminals, but it’s so small it feels like I’m in the world’s tiniest airport. I think we’ve walked this terminal twice.

Things I didn’t expect about Canada:

1. It’s hot here. Like, probably 85 degrees and muggy. I’m not sure that Canada was prepared for this, because it seems like they’re barely running the air conditioning. I’m used to places running the AC as if they’re refrigerating a building. If I had known that it was going to be sticky hot even in the airports I would have worn shorts.

As it is, it’s only supposed to be in the 60s in the London area, so I don’t necessarily want to change into shorts here, especially since I’m pretty sure the airplane has a better chance of being cold than hot.

2. My brain keeps desperately attempting to resurrect the French lessons I took in high school, so every time I listen to an announcement in English and French I forget half the English announcement as soon as the French one comes on because my brain gets distracted easily on four hours’ sleep.

3. Customs was really easy. Mostly because my sister and I were the only ones trying to get through at the time.

More later, as our vacation develops!