More stuff, mostly on games


The color grading virus that is teal and orange or – why all movies you watch look the same. Once I started seeing this I couldn’t not-see it anymore. Now it’s your problem too.

More on games (I’m into games. Have I mentioned that?)

(…and while we’re on the subject, I’m done playing Oblivion for a while. You can apply that “for a while” to mean “how long I played Oblivion” or “how long I’m done”. As in, “I played 341 hours of Oblivion, so I think I’m OK with not playing again for a very long time.” Loved it loved it loved it. Did not want it to end. But also, when playing a sandbox game one finds that, since there’s no end, there’s no sense of closure. So it’s hard to walk away. Still, I think I found a clean breakpoint. Anyway…)

Speaking of everything else, this is a conversation I have much more frequently than every month or so and not just about restaurant websites.