First, let me say I have a massive headache. So this post likely won’t make sense.

I’m currently at my computer wearing gloves. The heat’s working, the rest of my body is warm, but my hands are ice cubes. I hate winter.

I’ve been neglecting my website and my comic. Dunno why… sometimes a person just grows away from a thing. I’m going to try to grow back toward it.

It’s going to be a challenge though. Used to be this was my creative outlet. Now, as an information architect, I get paid to use those same creative bits of my brain at work, so when I come home they’re tired and they don’t want to play anymore.

On the other hand, the characters won’t necessarily shut up. Marin and the dogs especially. Not sure what to do about that.

Not sure what to do about the fact that I’ve left y’all in a mid-plot lurch either.

We’re working these things out, at any rate. Things are due for some changes.

You might start to see some short twitter-esque posts on here over time…. I sometimes only have a few minutes to say a thing. But I prefer to say the things that are comic-related here rather than the twitter feed. Which is really just me rambling on. Sort of like this, but shorter.

Anyway, things are in the works.