What I’m up to.

For a day that started with the realization that the alarm clock was not set, today was a pretty good day.

I got to work with great people to make decisions that make things better, and that’s always fun.

I got to start thinking through a design problem, and that’s doubly fun.

I ate a great lunch with a close friend on a sunny picnic bench.

I went to martial arts and participated in a belt test for the upper belts. It’s the first time in a few weeks that I’ve felt my legs ache leaving class, indicative of a great workout, but one where I felt like I was close to keeping pace. I’m inclined to blame/praise the new allergy/exercise-induced-asthma drug I started taking as the reason for the sudden improvement of my stamina as much as my instructors are inclined to claim it’s due to my hard work. Hard work is easier when you’re actually delivering oxygen to your muscles.

Still, except for a few moments of nausea that I suspect were due to too many crunches & push-ups overlapping the end of my recovery from a stomach bug, I kept pace. When I was a white belt I thought class would always be as physically hard as it was as a white belt. It’s not – it’s getting physically easier and mentally harder. I like it.

I got my confirmation that I’ll be attending martial arts camp the weekend after this upcoming weekend, up in Boston. It promises to be an adventure, with tents and camping and things that are totally beyond my current scope of experience.

I’ve got a big ass buffer of comics right now, which is a great feeling, even if the vast majority of them are idiocy on the Internet.

My awesome husband took our awesome dogs on a walk this afternoon, including a swim in the creek, so everyone’s actually kind of tired tonight. That means I might be allowed to sleep through to tomorrow morning…. and if I actually set my alarm this time, there’s no reason tomorrow won’t be a good day.

So, while every day is three to five meetings and there’s no consistent prediction of when I’ll be leaving the office any more, every afternoon is filled with hammer-wielding gnomes driving knitting needles into my sinuses, and my stomach has still not struck a full truce with food, I’m feeling pretty good.