Off to UIE

This post is a bit stream-of-consciousness because I’m writing on my iPhone. I’m currently sitting in an aisle seat of a little Airbus waiting to take off for Boston, where I’ll be attending the UIE conference in Cambridge.

So far all adventures have been of my own making. Security confiscated my soda (I forgot) but to the amazement of my co-workers I was allowed to keep my 14″ aluminum knitting needles. If the guys didn’t think the rules were stupid before they do now. Andneither one of them wants to sit next to me and my scary death needles on the plane.

There are 18 planes in front of us to take off, so I have a few minutes yet to hang out on the web and stuff before the make me shut the phone off.

I think half the plane is asleep already.

…and here we go, into the air. So instead of posting this before take-off, looks like it’s going up when we land.

I’m spending four very busy days in the greater Boston area, and leaving Thursday afternoon to come home. I don’t get to stay there long though because my cousin is getting married in Williamsburg, Virginia on Saturday. When I get home from UIE, I get something like 12 hours to wash all my clothes, pack, and sleep, and then it’s back in the car (with Nighthawk this time) and on to another state.

I have a comic in the queue for Wednesday but not Saturday, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have time to whip something up soon.

I have nothing against Airbus but this plane sounds like an electric lawnmower when it accellerates. I keep waiting for them to ask for volunteers to get out and push. We’re just passing NYC now, though, so I suspect we’ll make it to Boston OK.

…it’s 11:17 and my ears tell me we’ve started our descent, so I suspect it won’t be long now until I’m back on solid ground. Both of the guys I’m flying with (Jim and Jingfu) are fast asleep, as is the only toddler on the plane. Some day I guess i’d better learn how to sleep on moving objects.

Either the area I’m flying over is a giant cranberry farm or the trees up here have already started to turn red.

The last time I flew, the plane’s AC didn’t work and we were hot and sick for most of the flight. No worries today, though. Smooth flight and the cabin thermostat is set to 12 degrees below zero.

Pilot just said we’d be touching down in about 20 minutes. Not bad.

…and we’re on the ground again. My face would like me to know that taking the sinus decongestant before flying is preferable to taking it after landing. Got some novel writing done, all on the phone. If it weren’t for drawing the comic I couldve probably made this trip sans laptop. iPhones rock.

Will post more later in my trip, I’m sure.