Kaylee’s home

Kaylee’s flight went very well and we were all home together by 11:00, which is pretty good time considering the traffic.

She and Chance are rapidly working out their differences. He’s easily the more dominant at the moment, being twice Kaylee’s size, but she doesn’t take a significant amount of crap from him either, so we’ll see who stays on top.

Chance is the one having a rough day. First Kaylee came home and invaded his turf, then he threw up on the lawn a few times. Then we tried to introduce him to one of the yorkies that our neighbor owns and Puddin bit Chance almost as soon as they went nose to nose.

Chance is fine physically. Emotionally I think he’s exhausted. Right now I have him draped across my lap and Kaylee sleeping on the arm of the sofa a few inches away.

I’ll post some better pics of the pack later, but right now I think I’ll just stay here and be mom.