Things I’m not allowed to do without a small furry escort

The night routine is like this:

Chance falls asleep between 9 and 11 depending on how much time he got alone and whether he found something nice to chew himself to sleep on.

We go to bed sometime between 11 and 1ish. (It’s a weekend and vacation.)

He’s tired when we go upstairs (I carry him) and immediately jumps into his bed….
…until I start to change. Then he has to follow me to the hamper, then back to bed…
…until I go to the bathroom. The he has to follow me in there, tilts his head a lot at all the running water, gets bored when I brush my teeth, and goes back to bed…
…until I need to grab something from the closet. Then he has to follow me in there to see the dog in the wall mirror. Then it’s back to bed…
…until I get in bed and shut out the light. Then he has to explore the room for a minute until I yell at him to go back to bed. He chews on the blanket and the stuffy….
…until he falls asleep. Then it’s quiet and peaceful and everyone’s happy.

That is, until he has to pee, at 5am.