7 thoughts on “Traveler IQ Challenge

  1. Score: 302,466
    Level: 8
    IQ: 104

    Not bad. I just missed making it to level 9 by like 100 points. argh.

  2. ok you’re all smarter that I am–made it to level 5 and was thrilled I knew more than 50% of the countries, let alone where in the country something was….ugh Juliana better go to Daddy for geography

  3. I was quite happy if I nailed the right country… though after playing two or three times I think I know which one Norway is now. Africa and South America are still huge mysteries to me.

  4. 128,007 on level 5, IQ 87 for my first shot. Mostly just recognizing Europe when I saw it, and a few lucky guesses otherwise.

    Honestly, I think they ought to have designed it to be iterative: it names the landmark, then you guess ‘continent’ (maybe split Eurasia into 4 pieces, count Australia as its own bit, divide up the oceans), followed by country, then location in country. Get each step right, you proceed to the next. As it stands, I got decent scores on almost everything in Europe (at least until my hands went totally sweaty) just by guessing country.

    (Incidentally: They never asked me, but I totally know Norway – F Edi -> Nwg, F Nwg -> Nwy, natch! Hmm … does this mean I need to play wargames set in Africa now?)

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