5 thoughts on “Llama llama llama….

  1. one time, shannon and i were going somewhere from her parents house. We had a big fight right before we left and weren’t speaking during the ride. Our drive took us through some farm country, and we saw a whole field of llamas. (and no – we don’t live in peru or chile). I turned to her and screamed “DEMON LLAMA!” then realized we weren’t speaking to each other. We were both quiet for about 2 minutes then burst our laughing.

  2. That’s awesome! :) Nat and I tend to turn to each other in front of squirrels and talk in “Ah, squeaker squeak squeaker… squeaker squeak.”

    I love Kronk.

  3. i try to insert the phrase, “Pull the Lever!” which then followed by “Wrong Lever!” whenever i can. which isnt often. but it was fun to say when we went to atlantic city.

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