An update on pudge-dog

JessieDog gave us one hell of a scare over the weekend, when she started wetting on everything. Not only was she going prodigiously, but good lord, the smell. Of course I was thinking the worse — with her lymphoma progressing much more rapidly than we’d like, I assumed organ failure of some sort.

We took her into the vet this evening, and our wonderful vet said that no, we’re probably not there yet… for now we’re all assuming it’s the world’s stinkiest bladder infection. She got an injection of antibiotics, and she’s on some really strong stuff for the next ten days, and we’ll see where things go from there.

I’m torn between the desire for my dog to live forever, and the desire all of this to be over and my dog to stop feeling like crap — even though I know we wouldn’t be together anymore. But I’d really like a happy Jessie to be here for Christmas, and New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day…. 4th of July…. my 50th birthday…..