Progress of a sort

I haven’t gotten jack written today, as is evident by the little calendar thingie I added to the sidebar, but I did fix a major issue with my mail, run a load of laundry, sleep in, and tackle a stack of screenshots of the Internet that I’d been gathering… end result, we’ve got enough comics in the queue to take us through December 1st.

Better late than never, eh?

Tonight I’m going to continue writing, until my sister gets here. Then we’re going to find some form of dinner, and watch Fiddler on the Roof, which somehow both my sister and my husband have managed to not see yet. This is a travesty, and it shall be corrected. After the movie (which is 3 hrs long) I might get some more writing done.

Tomorrow is more writing, the occasional load of laundry, some writing, lunch with some friends, and then writing and maybe a quick food shopping. And writing. And hopefully catching up a bit.

One thought on “Progress of a sort

  1. OK, If I had known you never watched Fiddler, I would have loaned you my copy….I LOVE this movie—Mike just thinks I am weird.

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