An early night

I’ve put in a lot of late nights lately, working on the new computer, drawing comics, and baking. We had a “fall harvest bake-off” at work today and I’m proud to say that my mini pumpkin pies won “best taste”. It made the fact that I was up until 12:30 making them because I’d ruined at least 2 batches just trying to bake the damn things a little less annoying.

Tonight I came home and ate some pizza, gave out candy, and played video games on the PS2 for the first time in weeks. It must have been relaxing because I felt my head nodding mid-battle just before 9pm.

I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to get some small chores done but now I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow starts National Novel Writing Month so i’ll be online more through November than I have been in a while because I’ll have both a novel and a comic to procrastinate over. Joy!

7 thoughts on “An early night

  1. our nights were similar – except we had grilled cheese, gave out candy, then i played guitar hero 3 on the wii for about 2 hours. I got the end (on easy…) but cant seem to beat the devil. im tired so i think I will beat it tomorrow. then maybe try to some more damage in metroid.

    or i could do the homework that has been the source of procrastination for weeks.

    nah – i’ll play video games and watch BSG tomorrow.

  2. hmm… a few missing words in my last post. oh well. figure it out – the edit comments feature aint workin.

  3. If I stay up past mignight, do my calories for the daily plate go on the day that just ended, or do i start working on tomorrow’s? Questions one ponders while taking a break from trying to boil 34 pages of dreck into something worthy of–something?

  4. Jamie: it’s not? What happens when you try to edit?
    Plantnerd:I think midnight is dependent on the time at the server because I’ve entered stuff for what was midnight for me and had it show up for the day I intended. How’d the boiling go?

  5. I don’t know about Jamie, but I got a nice long “Loading comment…” message, and then “Load Comment Failed.”

    I also got a buttload of trick-or-treaters. Remind me to get something special to give to the costumeless ones next year. Broccoli, maybe. Or chocolate flavored laxative.

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