4 thoughts on “Signs of, uhm, something. Part 2 of 2.

  1. A co-worker told me a story you may enjoy, bug. Several years ago, her brother’s mother-in-law hit a deer with her car. This deer came up over the hood, and it’s entire rear-end penetrated the windshield of the vehicle. At this point the deer, either by reflex or in vengance, proceeded to (how can I put this?) EXPLOSIVELY empty its bowels all over the inside of the vehicle, including the driver. Remind you of anything?

  2. Nathaniel: Let’s just say that the deer has become more well-endowed thanks to the local vandals.

    Jzimbert: I know what it reminds me of! Damn deer shat on my car! But the story you tell is soooo much worse….

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