If You Knew Sushi

From Neil Gaiman’s blog, If You Knew Sushi isn’t just a pun off a Tin Pan Alley song that’s way before my time (but that my elementary school made us sing anyway), it’s also a fascinating 10 page read about the production of sushi-grade fish and its distribution in Japan and elsewhere.

Mmmmm, sushi.

6 thoughts on “If You Knew Sushi

  1. Dear Lord.. I miss Sushi. Up here, “we like our Sushi deep-fried, thank ye.” I think there is a sushi restaurant in Little Rock. Three 1/2 hours away or so. /sigh

  2. Pardon me for asking, but under what circumstances would Arkansas ever be “up here”? Is my mental map broken again? Isn’t that state right on the gulf?

  3. its a little north of the gulf. there’s one state blocking it – Looooseeana. So up here would be applicable if say someone moved there from i dunno… Texas?

  4. I would answer that.. but jamie already did. hee!

    ‘course, I could also say “moved up here” based on elevation. I currently live on the side of one of the Ozark mountains. A far cry, one must admit, from flat Houston, with its endless miles of .. well.. flat, all at very-near sea level.

    That’s not what I meant, mind you – I was talking about the whole “Arkansas is ever-so-slightly north of Texas” thing.. but hey.

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