If You Knew Sushi

From Neil Gaiman’s blog, If You Knew Sushi isn’t just a pun off a Tin Pan Alley song that’s way before my time (but that my elementary school made us sing anyway), it’s also a fascinating 10 page read about the production of sushi-grade fish and its distribution in Japan and elsewhere.

Mmmmm, sushi.

6 responses to “If You Knew Sushi”

  1. larksilver says:

    Dear Lord.. I miss Sushi. Up here, “we like our Sushi deep-fried, thank ye.” I think there is a sushi restaurant in Little Rock. Three 1/2 hours away or so. /sigh

  2. kirabug says:

    Pardon me for asking, but under what circumstances would Arkansas ever be “up here”? Is my mental map broken again? Isn’t that state right on the gulf?

  3. jamie says:

    its a little north of the gulf. there’s one state blocking it – Looooseeana. So up here would be applicable if say someone moved there from i dunno… Texas?

  4. kirabug says:

    Ah, I had it next to Louisiana. Thus my confusion. It’s all much clearer now. I’m pathetic.

  5. larksilver says:

    I would answer that.. but jamie already did. hee!

    ‘course, I could also say “moved up here” based on elevation. I currently live on the side of one of the Ozark mountains. A far cry, one must admit, from flat Houston, with its endless miles of .. well.. flat, all at very-near sea level.

    That’s not what I meant, mind you – I was talking about the whole “Arkansas is ever-so-slightly north of Texas” thing.. but hey.

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