General update and babble thread

Well, let’s see.

I haven’t gotten any real work done on the comic buffer – it’s not empty, but it can see empty from here.

Instead, I’ve been frantically working on the remodeling project that I started oh, a year and a half ago, because it suddenly occurred to me that if we get snow this year and my mom needs to crash here (I’m much closer to her job than she is) that there’s nowhere for her to sleep except for the seven-year-old sofa that Princess Mutt has kindly “marked” with about every bodily fluid available to her.

In essence, we gutted the master bedroom — pulled out the carpet and put down laminate, repainted (once), put up baseboard and crown moulding, and tore out all of the shelving in the walk-in closet. Now I have to spackle the closet, seal all the moulding with painter’s caulk, and then repaint everything because frankly I did a crappy job the first time — and the closet needs to be painted anyway.

Thus I learned exactly how much painter’s caulk you need to seal a cut on your finger (not a lot) and how much caulk you throw away while caulking your baseboards in place (most of it).

There was something nice to the realization that no matter how crappy a job of caulking and spackeling the walls I do, I can’t do any worse than the morons who did the same to this walk-in closet last. It offset the realization that I really should have done a better job around the door frames when installing the floor, and the realization that no, I do have to caulk the top of the door frame because when I come down from the attic I’m staring right at it and all it’ll do is piss me off otherwise.

I’m in a rush to get done because my folks are coming over on Saturday to help me repaint, and that means I have to have everything ready to paint. Since prepping to paint takes eight times as long as the painting itself, this is a bit of a challenge. I’m praying that the big hole I didn’t get a chance to spackle tonight will still be dry by Saturday if I fill it tomorrow (it’s the size of an electrical box) after work.

It’s nice to work with my hands after working with my brain all day, but it does make me tired.

Anyway, babble away below if the mood strikes you. I’m going to bed before I fall asleep on the stinky sofa.

13 thoughts on “General update and babble thread

  1. what the frak is with this weather? i wanted to swim a few days ago and today im wearing a sweater. will the weather just pick a season already!

  2. All I can say for sure about this weather is that of’s driving my head crazy. I just got over a sinus infection and it feels like another one’s trying to start already. Plus, damn it’s cold!

  3. It’s been down to the mid-40’s several times this past week. Today, it’s all a-rainin’ and gloooomy.

    Next week, of course, when I’m tryin’ to host a Harvest Faire at the Center and there’re kids in those warm winter costumes everywhere? It’ll be 80 again. Oy. Arkansas is almost (but only almost) as bad as Texas.

    Oh, and hi!

  4. Welcome back! You’re expecting heat in the 80s next week? I think we’re locked into the 70s and below until at least January now.

  5. ok – I can’t watch videos at work. but please tell me this is not a demonstration of something that happened, this one time, at orchestra camp…

  6. Sometimes, a headline just doesn’t tell the story. For instance, I just read an article in which the headline was “70 punished in accidental B-52 flight.” But what’s interesting is that these 70 Air Force personnel weren’t punished for accidentally flying a B-52. They were punished for accidentally and unknowingly transporting SIX LIVE NUCLEAR WARHEADS from NORTH DAKOTA TO LOUISIANA: a distance of about 1,170 miles, entirely over American soil. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start digging a bomb shelter in the backyard.

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