A question for all you coffee drinkers.

I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis. The 24-ounce cold mint chocolate bombs from Gloria Jean’s, which are as much sugar and chocolate and mint as they are coffee, apparently don’t count.

Here’s the question of the day: If it’s OK to put honey in tea (which I do on a regular basis) why isn’t it OK to put it in coffee?

4 thoughts on “A question for all you coffee drinkers.

  1. as a coffee drinker (addict, whatever), i will admit my initial reaction is ewww. but i’m not sure why. maybe its because you add cream to coffee and not necessarily to tea.

  2. oh gosh..that sounds horrible…lol
    maaaybe its because coffee is more bitter and all
    i mean i drink tea..and yes. i add sugar to it..but i could drink it without that
    i think the bitterness of the coffee just wouldn’t compliment the honey…or vice versa…or something like that…maybe…

    p.s. i got a 99 on my psych exam! :)

  3. I add both sugar and honey to my tea, and even cream/milk depending on which tea it is. And a good black tea can be really darn bitter. I dunno – everyone I asked so far seems to not know either.

    oh, and congrats to basschica!

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