A question for all you coffee drinkers.

I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis. The 24-ounce cold mint chocolate bombs from Gloria Jean’s, which are as much sugar and chocolate and mint as they are coffee, apparently don’t count.

Here’s the question of the day: If it’s OK to put honey in tea (which I do on a regular basis) why isn’t it OK to put it in coffee?

4 responses to “A question for all you coffee drinkers.”

  1. jamie says:

    as a coffee drinker (addict, whatever), i will admit my initial reaction is ewww. but i’m not sure why. maybe its because you add cream to coffee and not necessarily to tea.

  2. basschica says:

    oh gosh..that sounds horrible…lol
    maaaybe its because coffee is more bitter and all
    i mean i drink tea..and yes. i add sugar to it..but i could drink it without that
    i think the bitterness of the coffee just wouldn’t compliment the honey…or vice versa…or something like that…maybe…

    p.s. i got a 99 on my psych exam! :)

  3. kirabug says:

    I add both sugar and honey to my tea, and even cream/milk depending on which tea it is. And a good black tea can be really darn bitter. I dunno – everyone I asked so far seems to not know either.

    oh, and congrats to basschica!

  4. kirabug says:

    Update: honey tastes just fine in coffee. Though it is getting me weird looks around the office.

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