5 responses to “Statetris-USA”

  1. basschica says:

    i totally would have done better on that gave if it weren’t so picky..half the time i knew exactly where the state should go..but it angles as you move it down…and the sounds when i got it wrong were making me angry…lol…

  2. kirabug says:

    I think I dropped Arizona three times before I got it to fall right.

  3. greymutt says:

    OK, the easy one made me feel stupid…five minutes grrrr. Thank God they came down with names. I am afraid to try the medium level….but I saved it to my favorites so I can learn them before Juliana does.

  4. plantnerd says:

    Same dropping problem here. If you really want to feel stupid, try the africa, uk, and europe ones. I didn’t even know the names for some, let alone the locations. I’m gonna make the brit master the states one before she comes for her next visit.

  5. kirabug says:

    I’ll try the non-US ones once I can do the US ones on medium or something like that. Say hi to the brit for me! :)

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