7 responses to “Just how normal can someone in Florida be, anyway?”

  1. peri_renna says:

    Ah, but if you check the article, he’s actually a ringer – they’d shipped him in from Ohio.

  2. kirabug says:

    Yeah, but have you ever met someone from Ohio? They’re far from normal too.

  3. plantnerd says:

    okay, i know falling is a natural occurence for me, but didn’t this guy fall? Does that count as natural causes or an accident? (wouldn’t gunshots in some areas of the country then qualify as natural causes?)

  4. jzimbert says:

    “Well, Doctor, as near as we can determine, he was bitten by a shark and hit by a meteor while an underwater volcano erupted directly below him.”

    “I’ll note ‘natural causes’ on the death certificate, then.”

  5. kirabug says:

    In my book, there’s Murder, then Not Murder, then Acts of God. I’m wondering if their local coroner is confusing Not Murder with Acts of God by calling it “natural causes”.

  6. jzimbert says:

    Would being scared to death by a ghost be “supernatural causes”?
    Would being sodomized to death be “unnatural causes”?
    Would being eaten by a 40 foot alligator be “preternatural causes”?

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