6 responses to “The Murals of Philadelphia”

  1. peri_renna says:

    That is so cool. :D

  2. kirabug says:

    At one point my sister and I were talking about traipsing through the city and taking pictures of the murals (the way we did for Virginia Beach) — this just makes me more interested in doing so.

  3. jamie says:

    is there a master map of the murals? I know that they are spread all over the city – on the sides of buildings, under overpasses, etc. i always enjoyed finding a new one when i worked downtown.

  4. kirabug says:

    None that I’m aware of, but if you find one I’d like to see it :)

  5. jamie says:

    Found one here. It seems to cover the major murals – but I know its missing some.

  6. kirabug says:

    Oh, cool! You rock!

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