5 thoughts on “Coming in like El Nino

  1. one thing in the essay jumps out at me as it being bogus. Don’t McSalad Shakers predate our worries about W? I think the Shakers were back in high school or maybe college (putting somewhere in the early to mid-90s). in any case, our biggest presidential worry was where did clinton put his cigar today.

  2. I can remember buying shakers at the McDonald’s here in Malvern after I’d started working my current day job, and that was in 2000, so I think they were around later than you think they were.

  3. Wikipedia (and Google) tell me that Shakers were introduced in April ’00. Which, I’m sorry to say, was a very long time ago.

  4. but not a long time ago like high school was. i guess high school was a long, long time ago – possibly in a galaxy far far away.

    speaking of high school, i taught my wife’s family to play egyptian rat screw last night. we had a great time, even if I almost broke my sister-in-law’s finger. (and i enforced the no rings rule – I am still scarred by my friend Wendi turning her rings around when we played on cement…)

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