It’s the weekend!

Left work a bit late, headed to Sears where I discovered that despite all the signs telling me about the caterpiller-killing rose-saving chemicals they sell, they didn’t actually stock more than one brand and I’m not 100% convinced it’ll do the job without killing my dog.

Bought another bunny statue for the garden along with some annuals, and some grass seed. Had it all planted before the Phillies game was more than halfway through, always a plus. It’s the bottom of the ninth and Jose Mesa’s on the mound for the Phils (never thought I’d ever type that again) but we’re up 6-0 so at least it’ll be a challenge for them to lose the game tonight.

Tomorrow I’m going to work on gutting the master bedroom closet and maybe installing some floor. (Mesa just walked a batter on 4 pitches. God help me.) After that I expect to curl into a little ball and groan in pain. At least I’m realistic in my expectations.

Anyway, assuming no screw-ups (not a safe assumption, Mesa just worked a full count before the Teguchi grounded out, and then Nunez failed to get a high chopper out of his glove to get the batter out) I’m going to bed in just a few moments, at the end of the game. We’re in the 70° range here (maybe a little lower) and it’s good sleeping weather.

Ah, thank God, we won. A good start to the weekend.