2 thoughts on “Looking for direction

  1. This isn’t tonight’s comic? It seems right in narrative sequence – a bit of infinite-canvas wide-angle-shot-to-emphasize-separation technique. I thought having all the empty spave above was especially clever.

  2. well… it would fit… except there’s one comic that goes ahead of it. I’ll probably really really cheat and turn this into a comic before it’s all said and done, but right now it’s out of order. (Plus, I can do that, ’cause I made this one sketchy theater and it won’t show up in the Night Fugues archive.)

    The problem at the moment is character design. I don’t have any good side-sketches of Mike, so I have to do it on the fly, and that’s, well, hideous. Heck, I spent two hours last night re-drawing Lila again.

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