Online Comics Day 2007 Approacheth

The site’s done.

I’ll admit – I’m nervous.

Having listened to much of the feedback from last year’s event, we decided to try something *very* different this year. In long-ago years, the main goal of having a comic hub site was simply to say, “Hey, look! People are writing comics! And they’re posting them on the internet!”

I think we all know that by now. Pure hub sites exist in a hundred places — in fact, I’d venture to say that there are more hub sites now than there were comics 10 years ago.

So how do we spread the word about online comics? There were a lot of ideas put forward — advertising, conventions, free comic books, etc. etc. All of them are good ideas and all of them are a good start. So how do we take all of this to the next level for Online Comics day?

We decided to make the site this year about more than just a hub site. That functionality’s still there, but we also created some stubs — stories that invite you, the comic reader/writer/author/artist/fan, to tell us about how you currently support online comics, and about upcoming events where you will be spreading the word to readers and non-readers alike.

Please come join us in celebrating online comics on May 5th. Registration is now open and we’re looking forward to seeing you.