12 responses to “Pearls Before Breakfast”

  1. jamie says:

    i think that is interesting. and to be honest, I would probably notice him and might even drop a dollar in. but i probably wouldn’t stop long.

  2. kirabug says:

    I’d like to think that I’d stop, but really it would depend on how late I’m running. And since I’m usually running late, I probably wouldn’t stop long.

  3. jzimbert says:

    I don’t think I would have noticed. I watched the videos, and the music really didn’t appeal to me. Now, if he had busted out some Charlie Daniels…

  4. kirabug says:

    Blasted firewall’s kept me from watching the videos. But I’m a sucker for a violin, so I’m relatively sure I’ll like it.

  5. jamie says:

    where the eggs local? and by local i mean from the vicinity near the faboo radiactive materials?

  6. jamie says:

    i miss the edit button.

  7. kirabug says:

    You can’t edit your comments? Hrm. This makes me want to experiment.

  8. jamie says:

    hmm. i seem to have posted in the wrong spot. weird.

  9. kirabug says:

    Jaim-o what are you doing?

  10. jamie says:

    still trying to figure out this blasted web 2 point 0 thing-a-ma-jig. its difficult for us old timers.

  11. kirabug says:

    There isn’t a bit of web 2.0 on this site. CSS2, maybe a little, HTML 4 and PHP 4, yeah, but no web 2.0 javascripty server sided crap here.

    Unless you’re one of those hippies that think blogs are web 2.0 by default ;)

  12. basschica says:

    i really enjoyed that article. and …i’d like to think i would stop. infact. i’m pretty sure i would stop. especially since he was so good. i have a hard time understanding how so many people just walked right by him. but i guess people who have a great appreciation for that type of music are in the minority. the article brought up some really good points though. :)

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