About Names.

I want to change Get Outta My Head‘s name to something else.

  • The title’s already the title of some rap song I’ve never heard of
  • The name isn’t referential to the plot at all
  • The name is so long that it sometimes gets hard to put onto forms or fit in my left nav

I was going to call it “Free Verse” but then discovered Comic Life, an application used for making comics, is made by a company named Freeverse. And even though I don’t use their software, well, that’s asking for trouble.

But, with my original writing background many moons ago coming from poetry, and my comic having absolutely no rhyme or reason or structure, “free verse” seemed like a good idea.

Now I’m thinking “Without Stanzas” might be the better option. Or maybe “Variant Stanzas”. But I don’t like all those consonants.

Anyway, if you have any ideas for me, please hit the forum.