Happy belated to us!

What with everything else that was going on December 14th, I didn’t even think about the fact that it was our 2-year anniversary of comics. (The blog itself, in its various incarnations, is much older, and in fact predates my marriage.)

These days, two years is a small accomplishment in webcomics, and while 240 comics isn’t even a drop in the bucket for those publishing daily, it’s still an investment I’ve really enjoyed making. (It does qualify the site for Comixpedia, which is how I know I’ve accomplished something, but I remain too lazy to add it.)

I’m slowly building the buffer back up. For the first time in many moons I have a buffer of 4 comics! w00t! And bigger buffers mean better comics because I’m in less of a panic to just get something up, which means fewer screwy drawings.

Then again, taking a look at Lila from the beginning and a more recent look. I have to say we’re improving either way.

Lila, meet Lila.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, thanks for forum-ing, thanks for being there, and thanks for smiling.