Ohnorobot! comic search finally in place.

So I finally got off my butt and added an Ohnorobot search to the site. (Note the addition of a new searchbox to the left.)

Of course, it needs your help to transcribe comics…. either by using the link you just saw, or by clicking a comic title in the archive and looking to see if it has a “Transcribe This Comic” button under the comic. (For the newest comics, click the “navigation links” link underneath the comic on the homepage.) If you see the transcribe button, go ahead and clicky-clicky!

(hint: some of the early comics have transcriptions in the alt tags for the images, as that’s how I’d originally planned to make the site searchable.)

Next up: I might actually advertise on Project Wonderful.

Oh, and it’d probably be good if I started Saturday’s comic.