Mac Mojo

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has started a blog (or blog set) called Mac Mojo.

I read all the entries this morning and added it to my collection of RSS feeds. It’s a good read – a good look at the people who are making some products for Macs that frankly, make the Macintosh computer a more viable product in the marketplace.

I have to say I’m disappointed, though. A good two thirds of the comments on any given post are people either bitching about the features/products/missing products that are (or aren’t) on the Mac from Microsoft, or are people just calling Microsoft evil from the get-go.

Let’s not kid ourselves. I don’t like Windows. I’ve used every version of Windows since 98, all day every day at work since, well, 1999 at least. Windows drives me out of my mind. And I don’t agree with all of Microsoft’s business practices.

But Office, either for Windows or Mac, is a damn slick application once you shut Clippy off. And Office for Mac hasn’t crashed on me in an insanely long time. And it’s straight-on compatible with the Windows version at work, so I don’t have to go into the office to get stuff done. *

There’s no point in being angry and evil and mouthy and rude when commenting in a blog, even Microsoft’s. I’m disappointed that the Mac community’s voice, so far, has overwhemlingly proven right the incorrect belief that Mac users are a bunch of fanatic loonies.

This is a blog worth watching if you’re interested in the Macintosh, and also one that, if we’re all polite and reasonable in our posting, might actually occasionally effect change in the one place in Microsoft seriously concerned with listening to Mac users – the Mac BU.

* I was one of those folks that was hoping that when the government was muttering about splitting Microsoft, they’d separate Windows from Office. With any luck, Windows would have failed outright and Office would still have flourished.