More site tweaking

I tweaked the comic/post navigation tonight with the help of an awesome plugin that makes it really easy for me to list the same post in multiple categories and still allow you, gentle reader, to navigate through just a single category of items. To access the nav links, as always, just click the post’s title.

A quick thanks to Jeremy and Rob who helped me hunt down the plugin, because my corner of the Internet insists that doesn’t exist. I’m guessing some DNS just hasn’t propagated yet.

UPDATE: 12:02 am
Orrrr…. or I could take the edits back out, at least temporarily, because I discovered that when the plugin was in place you could navigate FORWARD into the comics that are queued up, and well, there’s not much point in having a buffer if you can read the comics in it before their time.

dangit. back to the drawing board.