Okay, so, here’s what I did:

  • Changed the colors, font sizes, etc. obviously.
  • Added navigational links underneath the comic on the homepage.
    • Click “first comic” to get to the first comic.
    • Click “navigation links” to get to today’s comic, only in single-post view, which is where I’ve been hiding the “first/next/last” links all this time.
    • Click one of the archive links to get to the list of comics under that category. (Each comic is in both Comics and a subcategory.)
  • Changed the category links for the comics in the left nav, so that they go to a list of comics, not the comics themselves. That way you’re not trying to read the archive backwards anymore.
  • If you want to read the archive, click the “first comic” link when viewing a comic and then use the “next comic” link to move yourself forward. You know, like any normal website would.
  • Left the Ideas (blogposts) archive alone. It’s a blog, it should read like a blog.

I think that covers 90% of the feedback I’d gotten, but feel free to comment.

And yes, I could apply almost everything I did today to the old layout, if you prefer “manilla folder” to “blackboard”. Let me know.